About Us




Searching for the brevity of Hemingway, the narrative of Dickens, and the delight of Wilde - but without all the tragedy. 

We have close to 15 years experience in the art world, and we've worked in just about every visual arts field there is. Higher education? Museums? Galleries and auction houses? Academic publishing and editorial? Check, check, check again. We have a love for the human creative impulse, in all its forms. 

Be it content, curation or events, our philosophy is to always look towards aesthetics. The right word/image/setting is like the right brushstroke on a canvas - use the wrong one and you could end up with an eye where your mouth should be. Dazzling visuals are a good start, but nothing can beat the careful craft of fine detail. 

We are out of the box, analytic, creative - some might say crazy - thinkers. If you're ok with a little too much passion in the punch, get in touch.